Cooking is my passion!  I am pleased to invite you to try my
Personal Chef Services designed to make your life easier and
definitely more delicious!  After opening restaurants in Spain, New
Zealand and cooking on board a sailboat in Hawaii, I returned home
to gain more knowledge and experience in health oriented
restaurants and start my Personal Chef business serving clients in
North County San Diego.
What makes my service unique?  For over ten years I traveled and
lived outside the United States cooking side by side with locals, gaining
experience in preparing and presenting tasty traditional dishes.  My
menus are delightful and authentic.  Salud!
Over the last 22 years ...  Cooking for a wide variety of clients has
enabled me to prepare a varied array of dishes.  Whether putting
together Kosher/Passover meals, heart-healthy, vegetarian or
gluten-free meals, I can customize  any menu to provide for taste
preferences, dietary restrictions, and high or low calorie needs while
keeping it fresh and inviting.  I am not of afraid of cream and butter
It's all good!  Having prepared meals and served dignitaries
such as President Bill Clinton, Governor Gray Davis, Padres Team
members, the Beach Boys, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, many local
personalities, my family, friends and myself, I know you will love my
Vacationing or Visiting?  While you delight and regal your guests with
Fun, Fables and Sunsets, I could be serving them a lovely dinner.  
Consider stockpiling your pantry and refrigerator with the weekend's
supply of goodies for yourself and your guests.  Why not a romantic
dinner for two?  Delivered and served.  Candles, music, flowers ...

"Lighten your busy   
schedule by
having me prepare   
(or drop-off)
meals at your
home or
vacation rental!"
Chef Stacy Powell
Tele.: 760-533-7572
Chef Stacy Powell
Get to know me!
Start having more time to do the things you love!
Planes, Trains & Sailboats!  While on a six month sailing trip through the Hawaiian
Islands, I prepared the Pritikin diet for the boat's passengers.  While Rolling through
the cornfields of the Midwest on board
The Heartland ExpressTrain Excursion
we served 18 passengers in vintage dining cars. I've prepared and served
"In-Air" meals on private jets for my clients...
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