It matters how you feel ...
It matters what you think ...
It does matter what you feed your body.
Over the past twenty years, I have cooked for loved ones
and clients with:  
Diabetes, AIDS, Heart Disease, Alzheimer's,
Cancer and who have undergone surgeries, chemo and radiation
I provide tasty, attractive and familiar foods that can be savored
and enjoyed without taxing the body's resources.   Taking into consideration
caloric needs, protein requirements, taste, texture, and ease of swallowing, I
prepare meals  to meet the individual's needs and preferences.

Give yourself (or a loved one) every opportunity to feel better.  We can
work together to custom fit a menu that will please!  Let me do the
cooking while you care for your loved one who is ailing or recovering.

I have worked with all ages and understand the demands on those recovering
from surgery or fighting a disease.  My goal is to not only provide recovery
meals to help optimize the body's defenses, but also to ease the load you or
your loved one may have during the time of medical recovery or health

If you or your loved one could benefit from a few days, weeks or months of
meals designed to
encourage healing,  call me for a phone consultation at
760-533-7572, or
email me to arrange a time to discuss  how I can help you
with a personalized meal program.
  • Support medical
    treatments with positive

  • Strengthen the body's
    healing processes.

  • Reduce inflammation in
    your system.

  • Increase strength,
    energy, digestion and
    sleep better.
Yes you can!
You can make a
significant impact on
your health.
Chef Stacy Powell
Tele.:  760-533-7572
Nourish the Soul with Love,

Nourish the Body with Food,

Bless one another with Friendship
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